Miami Dancity Studios tutoring program for all

students in grades K-12.

Mrs. Roxana Batista

Lead Certified Teacher

After completing her degree in Marketing and Business Administration at Florida International University, Roxy Batista enjoyed working in the Business field for over 10 years, allowing her to be grateful for the knowledge and experience she gained. However, she would later discover that her true passion was working with children and she would quickly move in the direction of education becoming a certified teacher in the State of Florida and have the opportunity to teach both reading and writing to middle school students for the following five years. During this time, she developed as a teacher learning Florida state standards and skills on preparing students for challenging FSA testing as other standardized testing. “My love for children helps me have the energy and patience to tutor children of all ages, while building a fun learning relationship with all my students. I am currently an International Virtual Educator, where I have the opportunity to combine various forms of technology and techniques to help students from Spain graduate with a dual diploma.”


Roxy is so excited to add Miami Dancity Studios to her growing list of experience while working with both outside students as well as dancers from the studio. All children can benefit from reinforcement learning when surrounded and nurtured by a loving and passionate educator such as Mrs. Batista.


“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”

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