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Spectrum Dance Therapy

Our mission is to provide Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy for all children with Autism through sound and movement while including them in the Arts community.  

Miami Dancity Studios is thrilled to join founder, Audrey Lynn Amadeo, to share both our passion for the arts and knowledge and experience in the field of children with special needs to create this one of a kind program for children of all ages on the spectrum. Our vision is to give children with Autism the gift of dance and music, assist with sensory integration, and behavior challenges; to provide a setting where they can interact socially.  Through dance and music therapy we seek to ignite the light within all children with Autism.

Yvonne Alvarez
Artistic Director at MDS
Audrey Lynn Amadeo
Founder of SDT
Caitlin Quinn
Asst. Artistic Director at MDS

Provide your child with the opportunity to learn the beauty of music and movement.

Spectrum Music & Dance Therapy Promotes:

  • Social Interaction

  • Improved Communication

  • Expression of Feelings

  • Improved Memory Skills

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