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Meet our MDS Team

As a team of inspirational and committed educators and staff members we are dedicated to:

  • Assuring  the development and improvement of each dancer.

  • Offering quality instruction focusing on the needs of each individual dancer.

  • Motivating and inspiring all dancers to reach their maximum potential.

  • Providing a friendly, clean, and organized environment for both dancers, parents, and all visitors.

Administrative Team

STAFF GROUP_edited.jpg

From left to right
Ms, Stephanie, Ms. Caitlin, Mrs. Yvonne, Mrs. Alina, & Mrs. Suzanne


Yvonne Alvarez_edited_edited.jpg
Stephanie Cayon.jpg

Ms. Caitlin
Company Instructor

Mrs. Yvonne
Company Instructor

Ms. Stephanie
Studio/Company Instructor

Liuva Nodarse.jpg

Mrs. Liuva

Ballet Instructor

Tania Menendez.jpg

Mrs. Tania

Ballet Instructor

Miriam de la Oca.jpg
Anthony W..png

Mr. Anthony
Company Instructor

Mrs. Miriam

Ballet Instructor

Brittany Cratit.jpg
IMG_2919 (1)_edited.jpg
Darcy I._edited.jpg
Elisa Palermo.JPG

Ms. Melany
Studio/ Company Instructor

Coach Eli Acro Instructor

Ms. Brittany
Company Instructor

Mr. Darcy
Ballroom Instructor

Dancity Cafe Manager

Vicky Rojas.jpg

Mrs. Vicky

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