Meet our MDS Team

As a team of inspirational and committed educators and staff members we are dedicated to:

  • Assuring  the development and improvement of each dancer.

  • Offering quality instruction focusing on the needs of each individual dancer.

  • Motivating and inspiring all dancers to reach their maximum potential.

  • Providing a friendly, clean, and organized environment for both dancers, parents, and all visitors.

Administrative Team

From left to right

Mrs. Kennia, Ms. Caitlin, Mrs. Alina, Mrs. Yvonne, & Ms. Jocelyn


Ms. Caitlin

Jazz/Technique Instructor

Mrs. Yvonne

Jazz/Technique Instructor

Ms. Julianna

Ballet Instructor

Mrs. Liuva

Ballet Instructor

Mrs. Tania

Ballet Instructor

Ms. Dianne

Contemporary Instructor

Ms. Brittany

Hip Hop/

Contemporary Instructor


Flamenco Instructor

Ms. Stephanie

Hip Hop Instructor

Mrs. Aubrey

Director of

Spectrum Dance Therapy

Dancity Cafe Manager

Mrs. Vicky

Not pictured:

Mrs. Jeanin: Ballroom Instructor

Mr. Danny: Acro Instructor

Mr. Gabe: Acro Instructor

Mr. Randy: Ballet Instructor

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